Watercolor painting



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31 Responses to Watercolor painting

  1. kokodynia says:

    Such a beautiful and intryguing lion!!!


  2. The volume you created is impressive.


  3. WH says:

    I love how the colours come together!


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  5. Wow!! What a warm, powerful, vibrant image! I can see earthiness, light, and stars in this image. Strength. Transcendence.


  6. I wish I could take credit for the piece! It is an unknown painter at this point – If anyone knows the signature we should give credit to such a great piece of art work and marvelous talent 🙂

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  7. Awesome work – LOVE IT


  8. gorgeous and vibrant piece of art…. loving this…


  9. Farrah says:

    WOW! love this. 🙂


  10. Lavender says:

    Love the colors !


  11. devi146 says:

    Love it — so talented!


  12. Mabel Kwong says:

    Brilliant watercolour painting. Love the vivid colours and they bring to mind the notion and symbol of life. I also like how that red splotch just below the lion’s mane sort of resembles the shape of a heart. Very beautifully done 🙂


  13. KT says:



  14. Nice! For me this is always Aslan! 🙂


  15. This reminds me of Aslan… is this painting yours???


  16. RorqvistWorld says:

    Very Nice!

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  17. Tati Vice says:

    Great work! Love the lion!

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  18. You were correct, this is wonderful!

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  19. annkantx says:

    Wonderful use of color!

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  20. Nia Anglade says:

    awesome painting, I like the colors!

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  21. So vibrant..looks beautiful!!

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