A poem enters into the world to expose the strangeness of language and the mystery of reality. Angels are the poems of scripture. They enter into a situation to expose the strangeness of God’s activity and the mystery of creation.

In the angels we see the limits of our knowledge. They are a startling reminder of the impossibility of human comprehension—a sign of the outer vistas of knowledge. We simply don’t know what to do with angels—which doesn’t matter so much I suppose, so long as they know what to do with us.

Angels are creatures who do not fit in the world. It is clear that their world is not our world.

The mistake we often make in our modern world is to go the easiest route and attempt to demythologize their presence.  This is the folly of the most limiting paradigm; Were all that is complex and or transcendent is brought down to be understood because its splendour challenges and demands more.

Angels witness in that they mirror the impossibility of the coming of God’s kingdom according to the usual patterns of historical causality.

New ways of speaking and thinking is how we approach the heavenly choir and how we are called to witness as well 😉

Inspired by Steve Wright*


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