God Is Not A Republican

We as Christians need to stop associating ourselves with Republican and Conservative ideologies.

We have a gospel and it doesn’t need to be interpreted through a Republican or Conservative narrative.

The crazy and xenophobic drivel in regards to immigration.

The patronizing and demeaning way woman are regarded.

The anti-christian talk about “annihilating” our “enemies”.

We as a group need to wake up because this foolish talk alongside tired and stupid apologetic formulations is what is the true enemy of Christianity.  We have done more harm to our faith than everything we consider “Other”.

The margin isn’t even close.

God Is Not A Republican, Or a Democrat and we have our own mission which is very very different than the current political one.

So instead of holding up signs which make you look like you can’t fathom complex scenarios and realities try just being a listening ear and opening your mind.





About The Smiling Pilgrim

"Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." -- 1 John 4:7 A simple man exploring the mysteries of love - TSP
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20 Responses to God Is Not A Republican

  1. KIA says:

    you’re right. he’s a Theocrat. no one has freedom from His dictates and commands, and no one escapes the punishment of His wrath for violating them. see, He’s not that into Freedom at all. -KIA


  2. graciael2609 says:

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    my name is Elmera Gracia Siritoitet
    from Indonesia


    • Hi there Elmera, I try to keep the comments about the articles so just in future please don’t use it as a platform to talk about your blog. Instead try and engage the material and people will be more likely to be interested in seeing what you have to say on your own platform. Best wishes on your blog 🙂


  3. Tony Burgess says:

    Amen my friend! This is awesome.


  4. Lisa Martin says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! Thought I’d come over and repay the favour 🙂 I found this post interesting, so thanks! My husband is a tour guide and he once had this American woman on his tour who last year (without actually asking or perhaps even caring what his own political persuasion was – spoiler: not hers!) congratulated him that Britain had voted in a Conservative government, how she hoped America would follow suit, and actually recited verses of scripture that were supposed to explain why we should all vote Conservative. . .. I don’t believe in a god, but even if I did, it seems kinda stupid to assume that a god would subscribe to any kind of man-made political belief system. God’s above all that, right?!


    • Lisa thank you so much for paying back the reply lol!

      One of the biggest problems with associating ones spirituality with a political system is that one becomes close minded and unable to really delve into the content of their faith/life.

      For a believer or even an agnostic/atheist this is such a waste of incredible creativity and talent.

      Also bad theology leaves marks and that is one of the things that I think in this life we can all relate to.

      Again thanks for the awesome reply and I loved the length!!!!


  5. I try to steer clear of politics but I love your comment. I have myself stated that if anyone, Christians (disciples of Christ Jesus) included are looking for a man/woman or government to make life easier for you, you are not looking to our Heavenly Father but rather to the more basest of things.

    Our God in His Sovereignty and His Plan establishes and brings down leaders to fulfill the Plan and His will for mankind AND to bring about the return of Christ Jesus our Redeemer!!

    Great perspective and I thank our Lord through Christ Jesus that He truly is awakening His Spiritual Church, through His Holy Spirit and I believe He is empowering His Body! We (as individuals) may never agree on every point of Scripture, but as long as we follow what the Apostle Paul says “to have the same mind towards Christ,” then His Church can move forward to serve according to the gifts (ministry and spiritual) that each of us is endowed with through Christ’s Spirit!!

    God bless you for your obedience to the Lord in the sharing of YOUR gifts to all of us whom the Holy Spirit sends your way!!


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