“We do not need to be saved from God. We need to be saved from our sins, from the hate, greed, prejudice, and violence that have roots in every human heart and found collective expression through the religious and political powers that killed Jesus.”

– Chuck Queen (Baptist Minister in Frankfort, Kentucky, United States.  Author of the blog “A Fresh Perspective”)

Although there are some aspects of Chuck Queen’s theology that I disagree with or subjects I think he treats to lightly I respect the man a great deal.  He is able to eloquently draw a readers attention to important mistakes in Christian Intellectual History.

As prominent psychologists may speak of a collective consciousness maybe we as Christian thinkers should speak about a “Collective Christian Consciousness”.  The reality of being a human is that we sometimes function on a meta-premise level.

Somewhere along the line the general North American & European meta-view of God became one of terrifying and judgmental.  It is true that scripture gives witness to a God of frightening power and incredible vengeance yet this is within a greater context.

We as Christians need to address this issue and replace the meta-view of God with the God who preached the Sermon on the Mount, the God who said he was the same as the starving, the stranger, the poor, the sick, and the prisoner.  Only when we as people associate the word “God” with “Love” have we succeeded.  The kind of love that when you think about it you smile and feel less burdened and dreary.  The kind of love that makes you weak at the knees.  The kind of love that reminds you what life is all about.  The kind of love that inspires you.  The kind of love that makes you really smile.  The kind of love that makes you love back.

God does not want human suffering and when we think of him as such and create a world system around that we end up in the same world that we have now.  One in which violence and prejudice run rampant.  One in which power and dominion are wide spread.  It is not the world of Jesus who lived a life of life of humility, prophetic courage, compassion, nonviolence, and self-giving for the good of others. Jesus died the way he lived and his death drew attention to a meta-background that attempts at any turn to snuff out the light.


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"Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." -- 1 John 4:7 A simple man exploring the mysteries of love - TSP
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15 Responses to Truth

  1. Ike12Stones says:

    What you are describing here is plainly scriptural in basis. In fact you have hit on something that is an essential ministry application: getting the church on the same page. God certainly wants unity among His children. This is only successfully done when accomplished in the Spirit.

    Perhaps the most healthy church that I ever went to was one that would be considered by most to be extravagantly Charismatic. An amazing thing about it, however (regardless of certain things which I would plainly tell you were excesses), was that it was clear to see God guiding the entire body from week to week in the same way. I would speak week by week with other members of the congregation with whom I had had no dealings throughout the week, and found that spiritually we had been experiencing the exact same things. God had been leading, and teaching us in precisely the same things through entirely different circumstances and situations.

    Though there were surely accesses in this congregation, as I mentioned, the people were all very much in tune with the prophetic, and with the moving of the Holy Spirit. Would that all the church was as in tune with the Spirit of God! (Sorry, this comment may be long enough to be a blog itself!)

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    • Haha I loved the long comment! Thank you so much for taking the time to post it. Moments like that are incredibly special 🙂 How is your faith and community these days? Is it still quite active and how do you feel your service is and lessons you may have learned along the way? 🙂 I bet the readers would love to know!


      • Ike12Stones says:

        Well… I moved from the place where I was going to church there; shortly thereafter the pastor passed away quite suddenly. I have been back to that place a few times, but it seems not quite the same since the church founder left it (in the way described). I have run into some other interesting experiences since that time, and continue serving Christ, though I must admit I have not found a place quite like that one was.


      • Well hopefully as time progresses you can find that community again. It’s definitely a great blessing to be around like minded friends and companions in the spiritual life.

        Keep us posted on any cool stories 🙂


      • Ike12Stones says:

        Indeed – ‘How good and pleasant it is…’ Lol, well you can check out my blog, doing an allegory and a history lesson there atm. 🙂


    • Ike12Stones it’s quite weird your long post shows up to me in my notifications but not on the blog. Can you adjust your settings or so so that your comments are available for other readers to enjoy 🙂


    • Nevermind it’s working now 🙂


  2. I believe there are only two commandments for a Christian or the “Followers of the Anointed” and I would love to share it with you friend,


  3. KIA says:

    As much as we’d like to skip over and repackage the God of the bible and the gospel of Jesus into just a God of love and a rescue mission of love, it would not be completely honest.
    The biblical God carries an OT baggage that the nt Jesus cannot shrug off. And the monster under the bed that Jesus is saving us from is not our sin, but the God of the Bible’s wrath that will punish the violation of his laws and commands rather than just lovingly forgive.
    What is forgiveness of a debt if the debt had to be paid anyway? Not forgiveness and not love. Love, we are told in 1 cor 13 is not wrathful, it forgives.
    If you don’t agree, then why would God, whose laws have been violated and to whom the debt must be paid, not simply forgive the debt rather than choose to kill himself to satisfy it? The passion play is not of love, but of wrath and a satisfaction of a debt by the torture and human sacrifice of Jesus. Blood for blood, sounds very ot don’t you think?
    There is much to be thankful for in that there is very little evidence that such an eternal exchange ever happened. Jesus was not the son of a God who gave his life so we may live eternally. He may have indeed been killed as a criminal, guilty of sedition, but there is no evidence outside of the nt that he rose from death. If he lived at all, he was not the dying and rising savior of the nt gospels. If Christ be not risen, you faith is in vain.


  4. KIA says:

    And all this dodging of the God of wrath and punishment and law and ot genocide and extermination of all who refuse the Canaanite invasion of Joshua… To spin doctor the God of the bible as just a God of love and peace and freedom and rescue is more than irrelevant and disingenuous. It’s total fiction and unnecessary


    • There’s no dodge there is certainly those things to address and maybe sometime I will. This is a personal blog not by an institution and it’s also about two weeks old.

      However your presentation of the material and also assuming all 2 billion people prescribe to the same intepretive schemes and such is grossly misinformed. That may apply to a small percentage that also espouse things like penal substitution that many of us would find abhorrent without it being balanced in a more thoughtful way.

      Best of luck on your studies.


  5. KIA says:

    If there is a God of the universe that created and sustains all there is, he isn’t the God of the bible.


    • I would suggest some great commentaries through WBC or so. Can help you maybe approach the bible on a deeper level as it seems maybe your quam with a lot of the stuff is that you’ve been dealing with the material at an elementary level and it’s not satisfying you.

      I’ll also say this just on this post so you’ll be able to see it without it becoming a huge deal but if your just looking for a fight you won’t find one and I will censor the comments. Intelligent and fun discussion is great but agendas and bigotry for or against theology or religious exploration don’t do anyone any good.

      There is plenty of that already and plenty of good theology and plenty of good atheism/agnosticism without having to live in the mud (and the theology comment goes for all religious and faiths you’ll notice this blog posts multiple religious idioms)


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