Majesty: A Canadian Rockies Retrospective

This is my beautiful country and I use to live close to scenery just like this!

Thanks to the photographer Kerry Mark Leibowitz for such a wonderful blog post!

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Since I first began taking dedicated photo trips 13 years ago this coming fall, I’ve been fortunate enough to see many beautiful places in North America, frequently under the best of circumstances.  During that time, I’ve never been anywhere that I found as captivating as the Canadian Rockies.  I was so taken with the region that I did something I’ve never done anywhere before:  I spent a total of four weeks there in consecutive years.  (I didn’t go there in the fall of 2014 with any expectation of returning in 2015, or, necessarily, ever.)

Two Jack Lake Sunrise, Banff National Park, Alberta Two Jack Lake Sunrise, Banff National Park, Alberta

I returned from the most recent trip to the Rockies at the beginning of October of last year–nearly 6 1/2 months ago–and not a day goes by where I don’t reflect on the experience at least once.  A common theme has been to consider what my time in…

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