The Smiling Pilgrim here!

Soon (End of August 2017 beginning of September 2017) I will be heading to…..

Gyobutsuji Zen Monastery!

I will be apprenticing under the abbot Shōryū Bradley.  Shōryū is attempting to develop an off-the-grid monastery that endeavors to have a minimum impact on our delicate natural environment.

One of the really special things about Gyobutsuji is its mission to be accessible to all people no matter age, gender, creed, or monetary value.  As such Gyobutsuji is being run completely by donations!

This is a really special thing because spirituality and the journey to truly know oneself should never be dependent on if you are privileged enough to be independently wealthy.

I invite you to visit the monastery webpage.

If you would like to support such an awesome project please visit the “Offerings” tab.

I receive about 50+ visitors depending on the month.  Please be that special one to help!  You would be contributing to something you can be really proud of!